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        We're a full-service elevator company, providing installations, maintenance, repairs and modifications.

        • Offices
        • Schools
        • Hospitals


        Ready to meet your strictest safety standards, our technicians will service freight elevators and rack and pinion lifts.

        • Power Generation Facilities
        • Warehouses
        • Manufacturing Plants


        Our team is ready to maintain or upgrade your residential building or condo tower’s equipment.

        • Condo Towers
        • Apartment Buildings
        • Private Residences


        Since 1932, Murphy Elevator Company has delivered straightforward and honest service to its customers. As a full-service provider, we offer 24-hour service, repair, modernization and installation of commercial, industrial and residential elevators. Our team is ready to work with your existing equipment — any brand, any age, any time.

        Any brand, any age, any time.

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        (800) 752 6075
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