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        Maintenance Plans

        Murphy Elevator Company’s maintenance plans include a variety of levels of service to meet the needs of your equipment. We work with you to ensure that your elevators are up to code, routinely maintained and free from issues that could cause breakdowns—all with minimal downtime. The chart below can help you determine which of our plans will work best for your building, but we encourage you to contact us for even more information.

          Full Maintenance "A" Full Maintenance "B" Limited Full Maintenance Examination and Lubrication
        Regular Preventative Maintenance Program Included Included Included Included
        Call Center with 24/7 Customer Support Included Included Included Included
        Safety Testing Included Included Included Included or Billed Separately
        Call-Back Service Included Included Included Billed Separately
        After Hours Call-Back Service Included Billed Separately Billed Separately Billed Separately
        Parts Repair and Replacement Included Included Major Components Billed Separately Billed Separately